Aug 6, 2011

It's all happening

It's a little over 11 days to the opening of the 2011 World Championships. This is going to be the biggest canoeing event ever hosted. There are 94 nations entered this year, and the event is also the qualifying event for the 2012 Olympics. The pressure is definitely on. If the last Hungarian world championships are anything to go by this year is going to be insane. The size and the sound of the crowd for the finals is so intense that it is not possible to hear yourself breath or the sound of your paddles through the water. With 3D clips advertising the racing in all the cinema's, TV advertising and billboards of Hungarian paddlers all over the country; this year is well on its way to having an even bigger crowd.

Training here in the familiar Szolnok (Hungary) is going really well. Both Shaun and I managed to avoid getting sick back home and coming over to Europe a month before racing has proved to be worth while. I must say that being in the same hotel for the last two weeks has been rather painful but if we manage to achieve the desired result and qualify for the London games next year it will all be worth it. Watch two of our training videos here

We have a new boat for these championships, its a Nelo Vanquish Quatro. The perfection of these boats surprises me every time I open one. With tailors cutting and laying the carbon it is not surprising that there is not a single blemish on the outer layer. Hopefully our speed will continue to improve as we get closer and closer to racing. There's a lot riding on this one.


  1. Flip buds we get so pumped for you guys. The videos are hectic and gives me goosies. BEST of lucks guys and we rooting for you. Foxy

  2. Give it horns Mike! Hoping the hard work will pay off and it will all go according to plan. cheers, Henri