Aug 15, 2011


It has finally arrived, the 2011 World Championships. Yesterday afternoon we took the relaxed 2 hour drive from Szolnok to Szeged. We spent the evening at the course, with the help of Nelo we made some small adjustments to our boats. We left the course at 18h30 and it was still 32.5 degrees, the weather looks set to stay the same all week. I am really excited to be racing here in Hungary again, Szeged is definitely the best kayaking venue in the world.
Over the weekend Ruby and I did some race simulation time-trials racing a heat and semi on the one day and then a final on the next. It went really well, we managed to post our 2 fastest times, which is always a good boost going into racing. Racing starts tomorrow but Shaun and I line up for the first time on Saturday.

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