Oct 30, 2011

Moving on...

If you are reading this blog it is likely you are a friend and know me on a personal level, at the same time you probably know that Ruby and I narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Summer Olympics next year. I have taken quite a bit of time out mentally over the past two or so months. I have been keeping rather busy making sure not too much time is spent harping on disappointment. I have spent a lot of time on and in the water as well as in the mountains around Cape Town. De-training myself so to speak, it doesn't seem healthy to go from 4 hours of training a day to zero. I am also currently looking to find a career path for myself, a nerve wracking but exciting process at the same time. I don't feel that this is the end of paddling by any means, it is the sport I love and continue to appreciate every angle of it.

Above is my new K1 training venue, it is amazing!

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  1. Keep fighting the fight my good man. What a bute training venue. Enjoy and keep looking forward. Foxy